Get your Skates Checked. New or used Skates are not necessarily sharpened and profiled to the skater.


To reduce risk of injury and to ensure your skates will provide you with proper maneuverability, you should have them checked for proper profile and alignment. Proper sharpening, blade mounting, alignment and profile determine the centre of gravity, body posture, body compensations and physical stress.


All these alignment issues affect the skating speed, stops, starts and a hockey players stick handling as well as a figure skaters jumping and landing.

Our Certified Technicians align every pair of skates using the same Maximum Edge Aligning & finishing system as the NHL and 300 teams around the globe. We guarantee a consistent and predictable result every time

Our superior care and expert advice can improve your balance, glide, speed, and give you the power and control that you need to elude checks, reduce steals and score goals.

Game Changing Technology.

Make the Change.

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