At Atlantic Pro Sports Inc. We put you in control of your skates instead of allowing your skates to control you!

Atlantic Pro Sports Inc. is a proud member of the Maximum Edge family. Maximum Edge has done extensive research in producing the Maximum Edge Profiling System.

Our Profiling System increases the skaters speed and performance whether you are a figure skater, hockey player, or speed skater at any skill level. It also reduces injuries by working through alignment of the skate blade and the skate blade profile.

Atlantic Pro Sports Inc. can give you more confidence in your skating and ability with a Maximum Edge Skate Profile. How can we make such a statement? We base the skate profile on a number of factors: Weight, Height, Players Position and Skill Level. These factors affect the skating style, speed, stops, and starts, stick handling and for figure skaters, also jumps and landings.

When making your skates, manufactures do not know the following factors about the person buying the skates; weight, height, players position or skill level. They mass produce skates for the general public. It is not until you purchase your skates new or used that a skate profile can be done.  Using the Maximum Edge system we apply the knowledge and education to customize your needs. 

Who should have a skate profiling done to their skates? All skaters, especially if you play hockey, figure skater or speed skater

This is what our profiling system does for you

  1. Match the profile to both skate blades

  2. Customize profile shape and depth of hollow to determine the amount of blade contacting the ice.

  3. Factor in weight, height, alignment, skill level, position played

  4. Compensate for an skating problem faced by the skater

When you get your skates profiled at Atlantic Pro Sports Inc. you are getting the same skate profiling that is done to players skates in the NHL, AHL, CHL, ECHL, WCHL, WPHL, OHA, USA and Canadian Hockey Programs

Our superior care and expert advice can improve your balance, glide, speed, and give you the power and control that you need to elude checks, reduce steals and score goals.

Game Changing Technology.

Make the Change.

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