APS takes pride in keeping athletes healthy, motivated and allowing for long-term optimized performance. Our team training programs implement a periodization approach to productive in-season and off-season training programs, along with the recovery protocols to sustain performance and efficient recovery throughout the season. Each program is specific to the teams schedule, taking into consideration the time of year, the schedule and overall team goals. Our programming ensures that each athlete will be physically and mentally prepared for athletic competition, while also building relationships with one another in and out of their respective seasons. Athletes are encouraged to sign up with teammates or a combination of teammates or friends with like-minded goals.

WHO is this program for?

For teams of any sport and like-minded individual athletes who are most often teammates from a single sport, but may also be a group of friends from a variety of sports coming together for the goal of enhancing their athletic abilities and performance


Must sign-up together as group of  8 or more athletes

Throughout this program, athletes will LEARN

  • Training specific to the demands of their schedule

  • How to utilize load-intensity methods in relation to competition schedule

  • Programming based on needs of their sport

  • Proper fundamentals and techniques of training

  • Recovery techniques

  • Proper fueling and hydration protocols from our Registred Dietitian

By the end of this program, athletes WILL

  • Perform their respective sport at a higher intensity

  • Have increased explosiveness and reactionary time

  • Have improved overall strength, speed and quickness

  • Have enhanced aerobic and anaerobic ability

  • Enhanced aerobic and anaerobic cardiovascular ability

  • Have reduced the likeliness of injury


Pricing is determined by the number of athletes per team working out; to learn more, contact APS by calling

709 237 7433 or email

1273A Kenmount Road

Paradise, NL

A1K 0V8

(709) 237-7433 (Pro Shop)

(709) 237-6325 (Dietitians/Office Manager)

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