As an athlete testing is very important to track progress and to know where you stand amongst your competition. Testing clearly identifies strengths and weaknesses so athletes and coaches can adjust training and competition schedules accordingly using concrete data, not guessing by using.


  • State of the Art Equipment

  • Gain a Competitive Advantage

  • Build a testing baseline 

  • Monitor progress 


To assess your current ability, strengths and potential weaknesses. From there develop a plan to continuously excel.

Who and Where?

We can test all athletes of any sport and team either at Atlantic Pro Sports or we can do off-site testing at your location.


Testing should be done as often as possible depending on the sport season. At least one testing session every three months is the ideal frequency required to properly track an athlete’s progression.

What can we test?

We can test an athlete’s abilities in a variety of aspects of any sport. We measure speed, agility, endurance and accuracy in any combination thereof up to the highest level. The possibilities are truly limitless

  • Speed and Agility Parameters

  • Jump Parameters

  • Reaction time 

  • Strength and Power Parameters

  • Aerobic and Anaerobic Cardiovascular Parameters

  • Body Composition Parameters


Pricing is determined by the number of athletes per team being tested; to learn more, contact APS by calling

709 237 7433 or email

1273A Kenmount Road

Paradise, NL

A1K 0V8

(709) 237-7433 (Pro Shop)

(709) 237-6325 (Dietitians/Office Manager)

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